Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mondrian + Rietveld = Monveld

This thesis project is twofold: it involves the creation of two dimensional art, which is then translated into three dimensional architectural constructs. The word “translated” is used somewhat loosely, because what may be done may actually be more of an architectural re-interpretation of a two-dimensional composition. In short, what I intend to do is play both the part of Mondrian and Rietveld.While this will serve hopefully to create a greater level of intimacy between the 2-D work and the 3-D work, the focus in the 2-D phase will be composition, rather than architectural anticipation. Later, in moving toward architecture, the focus will be on realizing the analogy between reductive woodcut technique and planning architecture, and expressing architecturally my firsthand knowledge of the physical creation of the image.

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